patchlab festival & szpitalna 1 present Anthony Rother

The culmination of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival 2017 in excellent company with hospitality at friends in Szpitalna 1! The guest of the Saturday night of the 6th Patchlab Festival will be Anthony Rother!

Anthony Rother – German composer of electronic music, producer and founder of “Psi49Net” label. He’s a living legend, a true authority in the genre and the most important continuer of Kraftwerk group. He has been at the cutting edge of techno music for over 20 years. He released his first EP from the Psi Performer series in 1996, which was well-received, but in no way did it predict the huge success of his debut album “Sex With The Machines” one year later. The almost crystal clear sound was complemented by vokoder, which later became Rother’s signature. The album stunned experts of the genre and to this day is considered to be a milestone in electro, while Rother was branded a genius.
Next album “Simulationszeitalter” confirmed his class and artistry. Dark electro together with elements of techno, dehumanized vocal, gloom and melancholy have established him as one of the most inspiring electro artists. In 2001 he recorded “Little Computer People”, which instantly became a hit. His next albums “Hacker” and “Popkiller” also turned out to be bestsellers and strengthened his position as an indisputable king of electro. In the meantime, he produced music lexicons and made remixes of songs by the biggest figures and stars. His famous live acts still attract huge crowds. He has always focused on quality that other artists can only dream of and his music inspired a new generation of contemporary DJ’s and producers.
This night he will present ADJ (A stands for Artistic). Meaning he is only playing his own production which are not released commercial. He is not selling his techno music anymore. Once a year he produce a mix of his production and give this out for free. Which make his performance even more special and individual.

This night there will play also other guests from East Germany. Map.ache (half of the dueat Manamana) arrives to Krakow for our special invitation, whose final set of the 20th Nachtdigital Festival made crowds to dance on the floor. After him behind the turntables Polo will appear, whose music balances between techno and house at such honorable label like Holger and Kann Records.
Beside the international guests there will be top of top of the Polish club music scene – VTSS, DJ from Warsaw, promoter and producer, the female part of Behind the Stage Collective and the well known feminist group Oramics will play an unforgettable live act. Also Chino, part of the Radar Crew, will play his live act undoubtedly full of acid energy. We will hear DJ Kubok too, half of the production duo VIELD from Veni Vidi Techno collective.
Visually the night will be enhanced by the phenomenal light installations created by world-renowned VJ XYZ from Budapest.

Co-organiser of the event is Goethe-Institut Krakau

Line- up:
ANTHONY ROTHER – ADJ Set– [Nextdata, Datapunk]
Map.ache (Manamana/ Kann Records/ DE)
Polo (Holger/ Kann Records / DE)
VTSS (Oramics/ BTS)
Dj Kubok (Veni Vidi Techno/ VIELD)
Chino live (Radar/ Shtum/ Holger)
Light installation: András Nágy (XYZ/ HU)
Live visuals: R:A:U:L [DE], László Zsolt Bordos [HU]