The Listener
Interactive installation
Wesley Goatley [UK]
The data aesthetics interactive installation which uses discrete, personal data created and broadcasted by our portable devices e.g. smartphones. The probe requests are sent when the wireless devices encounter any wireless network, are unlocked, or have their WiFi settings inspected. The Listener sonifies the live probe requests being broadcasted from the devices of the surrounding audience into choral chants correlating to the unique MAC address (identification code) of each device. The volume of these unique chants is determined by the strength of each broadcasted signal, which decreases with the growing distance. Probe requests often contain the names of wireless networks the device has previously connected to; a whispering voice from within The Listener reveals any of these names that are being broadcasted by the nearby devices.

The Listener examines and experiments with that how we can read and understand the nested technological processes that we rely upon, and how we can critique their implications for privacy and control in everyday digital world.


1024architecture [FR]

The third part of the trilogy Euphorie-Crise-Recession, is an audio-visual performance, a journey through whats left of our civilisation.The show echoes the scarcity of natural resources, diminishing of species, and the ever expanding influence of built matter. Fernando Favier and Francois Wunschel, the two performers, activate the digital vista in realtime, like busted puppeteers, waiting for something to go wrong.


Nature Abstraction
instalacja VR
Matteo Zamagni [IT]

Work created in the virtual reality (VR) is an immersive sensory experience that explores the arcane forms of fractals, mathematical visual representation of natural and biological forms. The project gives an insight of their aspects through virtual reality, where they appear as three planets: Birth, Communion and Aether; Each accompained with scores designed to facilitate meditative state and relaxation. The fractals have also been processed through Google’s Deepdream, transforming the fractal landscapes into morphing psychedelic patterns that our eye will recognize as very familiar shapes although the way the images are created only aims to create a variety of random patterns on the canvas.

Installation/Fractals : Matteo Zamagni
Scores : Daniel Ben Hur
Deepdream : David Li


VR art project
Tale of Tales [BE]
Only during special VR works presentations on 13.10 (Wednesday) | 18:00 | Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Tale of Tales – Auriea Harvey i Michaël Samyn, duo of artists creating non-commercial video games, known for controversial and innovative projects that move the boundaries of video games, will present extraordinary art project in virtual reality (VR) technology – Cathedral-in-the-Clouds. As they announce “the project is an exploration of the overlap between romantic notions of cyberspace and the Christian concept of the sacred. Next to digital sculptures and scenes for contemplation we are building a cathedral in Virtual Reality. To our surprise VR differs much more from screen-based realtime 3D than we had anticipated. We hope to share some of our hopes and fears concerning the use of this new medium for the creation of art. Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is a large umbrella project that consists of two main parts: digital dioramas for multiple platforms and a virtual cathedral in VR. We chose VR precisely because of its inaccessibility: to visit a cathedral, one needs to make a pilgrimage. The cathedral will not be a realistic simulation of a stone cathedral, but rather an exploration of the aesthetic, symbolic and mathematical concepts that underlie the construction of sacred spaces. A cathedral is always a reference to the heavenly Jerusalem predicted in the Book of Revelation: an imaginary place outside of space and time. We connect the spiritual notions of an intangible world beyond our own, with romantic fantasies about cyberspace, rendered visible in realtime 3D, where space and time meet on the processing units of the computer. Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is an ongoing project and its construction may take decades, much like the old cathedrals. We have only started the project last year, so what we present is but the modest first steps in an ambitious journey.”


VR interactive film
Or Fleisher, Yannis Gravazas, Tomer Russo [IL]

Interactive short experimental film created in virtual reality (VR) puts the user in control of his viewing perspective creating a personal, immersive and surreal experience. Monochrome minimalistic natural and digital hybrid forms and pulsing landscapes where music drives the visuals.


Mind the Chair
interactive installation
Francesco Soave [IT]

Mind the Chair is an interactive installation which focuses on giving a real time audio/visual representation of the activity of our brain, and to show how it can be possible to control it. In fact, the installation allows to visualize the level of concentration of a person, through an audio/visual answer (LED lights and sounds manipulation). While using the headset it is easy to understand how it is possible to ‘control’ our brain and therefore to intervene on our level of concentration, to modify light intensity or filtering the sound.


light installation
Luca Cataldo [IT]

Ephemeral light installation which is a metaphor of the many connections, the mental constructions and interpretations that every day you live, unconsciously. A key to the limits of appearances and appearing in a world increasingly
dominated by superficiality, ephemeral and constructed. The light follows this plot, it travels in all directions, filling and emptying, thus allowing you to change your point of view and look in a new way what lies beyond.