media lab


Media Labs (workshops) with the main focus on new media, digital culture and technology is a way of learning and working in which collaboration and experimentation plays a crucial role. During the media labs, artists and lecturers are going to introduce to the participants the possibilities offered by multimedia tools emerging outside the main trends, which doesn’t require professional background.

1/ 3D Print – from the project to the object
10.10.2015 (Saturday), 12:00 – 15:30
Workshops for beginners.
Participants will get familiar with 3D printing technologies, its advantages, problems while designing for 3D printing, TinkerCad software for designing objects to be printed and will create an example object.
TUTOR: Tomasz Cieszyński – graduated from Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at AGH – University of Science and Technology in Krakow. He designs the printable objects and builds 3D printers by himself, professionally works at a company constructing industrial 3D printers.

2/ Project X[enakis] – relations of spacial forms with audio (Iannix and MaxMSP)
cz.1: 10.10.2015 (Saturday), 16:00 – 19:00
cz.2: 11.10.2015 (Sunday), 16:00 – 19:00
2 days intensive workshops for beginners of working in Iannix program and MaxMSP programming environment. To participate in the workshop does not need to have previous experience with these programs – we will start from basics. The workshop will be of practical nature: participants will work under the guidance of leader in both programs, moving smoothly from learning basic techniques and operation of programs to creation your own simple projects.

The workshop will be focused on common approaches to the visual arts and music composition. Practical workshop will be on working with the technique of constructing scores by Xenakisa (graphic score in UPIC system), which is a scores-as in the case of his works-also became the spatial forms (like the Philips Pavilion during Expo 58, designed by Le Corbusier and Xenakisa completed composition “Μεταστάσεις” by Xenakisa).
Workshop participants will work mainly in Iannix program (, and MaxMSP programming environment ( The workshop is open, designed especially for studying spatial forms compounds with sounds and noises which are about the specifics of a given space, but also for all those who deal with audiovisual and music experiments in any aesthetics and would like to broaden the scope of a known techniques and actions.

During the workshop the participants will get acquainted with the following type of issues:

· Issues related to the composition of music using the tools to build the graphic scores (Iannix);
· the construction of instruments and audio processors in the audiovisual environments (MaxMSP);
· construction of section of interfaces for service for music composition and sound processing techniques;
· issues related to communication between different programs and programming environments used for music composition and performance (MIDI, OpenSound Control).

TUTOR: Paweł Janicki – media artist, interactive director and producer working in the field of media art, microsound aesthetics and algorithmic composition, is a creator of audiovisual interactive systems, installations and performances. He creates and continuously develops software tools and interfaces. Special place in his activity takes developing software according to his own projects – and broadly – creating his own media either sabotaging already existing solutions. He works in cooperation with many artists, as well as the IT industry and educational institutions, including the media faculties of the leading Polish art schools, like the Intermedia Faculty of The Art Academy in Poznań (Poland). His works were presented at many prestigious festivals and events devoted to contemporary art, including the Ars Electronica, the Transmediale, the Centre Pompidou and the International Media Art Biennale WRO in Wrocław.