5th International Digital Art Festival Patchlab happened in Krakow from 11-16.10.2016

The 5th. festival edition was focused on the relation between human and machine, especially the relation existing within the new virtual reality (VR), and also on the issue of privacy and online safety.

During the festival there will be an exhibition of interactive installations and works created in virtual reality, interdisciplinary scenic project and experience audiovisual performances and live-acts.

One of the main event of the festival is interdisciplinary dance show Hakanaï, by the Théâtre de Châtillon from France. As usual, the festival was accompanied by AV Nights. During the first one, in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, the viewers saw, among others, the project prepared by Thomas Wagensomerrer, famous Incite from Germany, 1024 architecture from France and Ali Phi from Iran. The festival programme included also show of works selected and awarded during the review of the experimental audiovisual forms, MADATAC. Workshops explored legal use of open source licences and online safety and privacy. An international conference co-organized with the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow raised issues of space design and creation of virtual reality (VR) and future of use of electronic and physical space combination for creative actions.AV Night 2 in the Hotel Forum hosted Fiedel, music producer connected with Ostgut Ton label, resident of Berghain in Berlin, Eltron John, Sylwia and Bartek Baran, Live visuals created by the best VJs from Hungary, Uk and Austria.