AV night

Forum Przestrzenie

A review of selected international AV performances during a special AV Night with projections at Forum Przestrzenie with an ambitious electronic music and live visuals.



Christophe Tostain [FR]

Exogenous is a multimedia concert that is visual, sound and poetic. The images were made with the invaluable collaboration of dancer and choreographer Laura Simi Dance Company Silenda. The visual world Exogenous consists of “images-movement” often monochrome, dusty, nervous and mental, played by Kostik Animal as a musical instrument. Exogenous music grows by accumulation of groundwater and saturated rhythms. During the set, Kostik Animal accompanies the images and sound through poetic interventions written and / or improvised. The visual development set delivers gradually subjective narrative underlying the opposing images of a body that wakes up the memory in tatters, struggling with his psyche. It’s a strange psychic exploration. Exogenous raises an immersive and exciting voltage to the spectator’s imagination.




Andrea Familiari Fax [IT/DE], Giuseppe Bifulco aka DROP [IT/DE]

An audio/video performance between DROP (24 sound designer) and Andrea Familari (25 visual designer). The performance investigates on the empty set (ø), the unique part of the whole that contains no elements, through the most possible abstraction and reduction of both visual and sound objects involved. It’s a journey where all the driving existing forces run out from themselves to become nothing, a rarefied ensemble shaped just by microsound, gitch and convulsion rhythms. The performance was developed and produced by the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.

DJ/VJ sets:

Steffen Bennemann [DE]
DJ Olivia [PL]
DJ Matik Automatik [PL]
VJ Daan Kars aka DKRN [NL]
VJ Andrea Familiari Fax [IT/DE]
VJ László Zsolt Bordos [HU]
VJ Abduct [MEX]