av performances

 AV :: Exosphere in. Entalpia. VJ Emiko  /11.10.2013 // 10 pm @Forum Przestrzenie

 ” videopoetry a/v project, created by VJ Emiko, oscillates around something unprecised, undefined.  Humans feel the lack of space, oxygen, time, sense of being and have a problem with identity.  We arelocated somewhere in/between. Only Entalpia – the life energy – allows us keep this balance.

AV :: Im2 //11.10.2013 // 11 pm @Forum Przestrzenie

AV :: P. KIRN with DR. MO [USA/DE] /11.10.2013 // 12 pm @ Forum Przestrzenie


P. Kirn plays experimental dance music live with a combination of hardware and software, for an abstract and cinematic techno-influenced solo soundscape. Drawing from a Classical background but heavily influenced by the dance music (and now also part of a collaboration with techno veteran NERK), his work is diverse and improvisatory. Joined by Dr. Mo, that journey is accompanied by dizzying video accompaniment across hyperreal terrains.

AV :: Sergio Omnidrive + Carlotta Piccinini [IT] /11.10.2013 // 01 am @ Forum Przestrzenie

AV :: Spoken word performance by Weronika Lewandowska + plan.kton + VJ Emiko [PL] /12.10.2013 // 9 pm @ Bunkier Cafe

Spoken word with music made by Kordian Piwowarski (plan.kton) and visuals materials made by Błażej Górnicki and VJ Emiko.

AV :: 0101010+I = je suis triste et seule ici by Sergio Omnidrive and Carlotta Piccinini [IT] / 12.10.2013 // 10 pm @ Bunkier Cafe

Fragments of past converted into a new digital experience that goes beyond the needs of only memory.
Memory becomes an excuse to look for a new representation of the past, more complex and structured, where space and pure image become symbols.
The recollection is a lonely dance of the mind but its movement remains a mystery.
Synthetic soundscapes, soft and enveloping, furrows loaded with static electricity accompany stimulating an empathic vision.

AV :: Mute by Ab / Dx [MEX] / 12.10.2013 // 11 pm @ Bunkier Cafe
Audio graphic precise rhythmic structures based on the permutation of values, shapes and sounds. creating a visual composition in which the aesthetics of its components are consolidated in an emotional dialogue. Ab / Dx fuses various genres such as IDM, glitch, techno and noise. with digital audiovisual installation based on various protocols such as Midi and Osc. looking for a precise time synchronization of its elements.