festival lounge

Pauza In Garden | 24-29.10.2017

24.10 | 22:00 Unstable Routine Live

25.10 | 19:00 Artists Flash Talks. Installations, projects and artists presentations.
In cooperation with Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

1/ Senster, prof. Grzegorz Biliński |  Intermedia ASP
Senster is a one of the most important contemporary cybernetic sculpture. Was built in England in sixties for Philips, exhibited in a pavilion named Evolution in Eidhoven in Holland. In seventies Senster disappeared and was found in 2016 by dr Anna Olszewska on Holland seaside, where it stood in the field. Video shows this story.

2/ Archisfera, prof. Grzegorz Biliński |  Intermedia ASP
This short video talks about important ideas, decisions and activities, which influenced emerging of the Archisphere Studio on Intermedia Faculty.  Narration is illustrated by Archisphere students’ courses and diploma artworks, that were created between 2010 and 2015.

3/ Athens Digital Arts Festival, Ilias Chatzichristodoulou | Patchlab Guest
llias Chatzichristodoulou – Artistic Director of the Athens Digital Arts Festival, will present the idea of the event and will present the animation and video-art works that will be shown during the screenings on the weekend at the Patchlab festival.

4/ RadianceScape, Xceed / Chris Cheung aka h0nh1m & Kwankai | Patchlab Artist
Chris and Kwankai – authors of the installation presented on the exhibition, will tell about idea and creation process behind the RadianceScape project – installation and performance for electromagnetic field, projection and laser, visualizing radioactivity data in Fukushima and Chernobyl, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris and Krakow, downloaded in real time raising awareness about the radioactive contamination  issue to the wide public.

5/ Wokół Sfery Armilarnej, Piotr Madej | Intermedia ASP
Presentation of interactive installation, a virtual instrument based on digital model of Solar System.

6/Boris Chimp 504 | Patchlab Artist
Rodrigo Carvalho i Miguel Neto, which performance was presented last night at the opening, will tell how did their project start, how looks his creative process and relation between sound and visual in interactive installations they create.

7/ Head inside the head – virtual experiences,  Maciej Gniady | Intermedia ASP
Inspired by Robert Wilson’s theory of human thought as an infinite recursive loop of internalisation and experiential virtualization, I consistently present XR (augmented and virtual) technology as the closest to the mythical transfer of experience.

8/ The Art Shelter and Cinema | Patchlab Guest
Art Shelter and Cinema in Taiwan  is a contemporary media platform especially aims at emerging artists and new generation. The ASC challenges experimentation, creativity and exchange with visitors.? The ASC encourages radical art and culture via communications, exhibitions and events to break through the social and political predicament as well as makes alternative ‘  and bold imagination.

9/ Apnoa | Patchlab Artist
Authors of ?bias\ installation presented at the exhibition will tell us more about their work and the creation process.

10/ Afterlife portrait, Kuba Falkowski | Patchlab Guest
In the presentation I will talk about our project which dealt with the issue of posthumous avatars, the idea of mind-cloning, transferring consciousness to digital data and non-biological media.

11/ PULS, Sara Korzec aka Imposter | Intermedia ASP
PULS is an installation based on the hypothesis that we carry a significant longing to unachievable state of safety and belonging ? one hidden in our emotional memory from our fetal time. Hypothesis was verified by a study on around 100 people. Installation currently under development.

26:10 | 22:00 DJ set

28.10 | 19:00 AVnode meeting & Audience Development Presentation

Panel dedicated to the future of Audience Development, the concept of audience development with representatives of the international AVnode network (avnode.org), bringing together artists and events presenting contemporary audiovisual art, supported by the European Union Creative Europe program. Prelegents of the meeting:
Gianluca del Gobbo – Live Performers Meeting, Live Cinema Festival in Rome
Ilias Chatzichristodoulou – Artistic Director Athens Digital Arts Festival
Vaclav Kovar – Lunchmeat Festival in Prague
Swen Seyerlen, Melanie Better – B-Seite Festival in Mannheim
Elwira Wojtunik – Artistic Director of the Patchlab Festival

20:30 Transfer. Concert for two brains, A.Janicki, F.Araszkiewicz, HiQ
Performance is based on scanning the brain waves of composers-performers: Aleksander Janicki and Franciszek Araszkiewicz. EEG transforms into a sound that creates a real-time image of a score for the musicians of the HiQ Formation. Brain performers measured at eight levels of frequency generate an interactive graphic layer. Sound parameters are the result of concentration, relaxation, eye movement and muscle tone. Each action is triggered by mental state and creates new sounds, creating a looped image.

29.10 | 19:00 Just Woman Sounds DJ set