Screening of selected Video Art and Animations short films in two blocks:

I. Postfuture – selected works from the 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival, curated by Ilias Chatzichristodoulou, Art Director of ADAF, in frame of the partnership in the international AVnode network.

  • Video Art:

    1. Alecio De Marchi (IT), WWA Weee droponics Duration: 04:42 min.
    2. Apotropia (IT), The Kiss duration: Duration 01:19 min.
    3. Chris Cheung (HK), Radiance Scape, Duration: 01:52 min.
    4. Elena Knox (AU), Pathetic Fallacy, Duration 04:41 min.
    5. Fred L ‘Epee (SW), Athanasia, Duration 05:33 min.
    6. Huseyin Mert Erverdi (TR), Variations on a Theme, Duration 01:18 min.
    7. Lorenzo Oggiano (IT), Quasi- Objects Cinematic Environment #2, Duration: 03:41 min.
    8. Max Hatler (DE), Shapeshifter, Duration: 00:30 min.
    9. Tessa Ojala (FI), Intolerance, Duration: 02:39 min.
    10. Alex Karantanas (GR), Singularity, Duration 07:13 min.
  • Animacje:

    1. Frederic Hainaut (FR), MANU LOUIS ?Tchouang Tseu (was at the kermesse of M. Ha)? Duration 04:08 min.
    2. Jose Maria Savaria (AR), Tiem Pos Modernos, Duration 01:36 min.
    3. Lucie Thocaven (FR), So Close, Duration 07:12 min.
    4. Melissa Idri (FR), Les Courgettes De La Resistance, Duration 06:17min.
    5. Dimitris Armenakis (GR), Absorded, Duration 08:27 min.
    6. Dina Velikovsaya (RU), Kukuschka, Duration 08:45 min.
    7. Jon Boutin (FR), (A) Vous Regardez Un Film, Duration 03:38 min.
    8. Mercedes Marro (CL), Camino de Agua para un Pez, Duration 07:59 min.
    9. Nata Meltukh (USA), Fears, Duration 02:08 min.

II. Digital Landscapes – screenings curated by ART SHELTER CINEMA TAIWAN

  1. Chih-Ming Fan (TW), In the Fog – The Abandoned City. 2016 | 7’34”
  2. Teng Wen-hsin (TW), The Undiscovered City. 2016 | 2’54”
  3. Wu I-Yeh (TW), In_the_future. 2013 | 3?35?