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Wyspiański Pavilion, pl. Wszystkich Świętych 2 / conference room / 1st floor 

Language of the workshops: Polish.

1/ FREEDOM OF USE. Open source licences and public domain
Host: Aleksandra Janus, Kamil Śliwowski (Digital Center, The Coalition for Open Education)
15.10 | Saturday | 10 zł | limited places
15:00 – 19:00

Do you want to use open source in your creative and commercial actions? Do you want to be sure that what you find online you can freely and legally use and process? Do you want to know mechanisms and tools enabling you to share results of your actions openly? This workshop is a friendly introduction to copyrights and open licensing and friendly guide to great number of resources circulating online. Thanks to it, you will use and process available contents with no fear, you will know how to use Creative Commons licenses for your own purposes and you will know what you need to remember if you want to make money out of public domain.

Host: Kamil Śliwowski (Digital Center, The Coalition for Open Education)
16.10 | Sunday | 10 zł | limited places
15:00 – 19:00

Internet security is not a problem that organisations and institutions deal with on a daily basis, even that we increasingly use Internet in our work. More and more often we use our private equipment for business purposes, we keep important data on phones in our pockets, we communicate privately and professionally by means of tools and services, but we know nothing or very little about their safety. How to stay calm, limit risks and be prepared for problems? That is what we will work on during the workshop. The workshop will allow you to understand existing risks and methods of self-defence protecting your safety and privacy online. During the workshop we will raise the following issues:

– the most important risks for our safety and privacy online (and not only)
– basic safety of basic tools (browsers, smartphones)
– review of methods of maintaining online privacy
– safety and control over contents created by organisations (privacy, control over channels of public communication, such as social media and private communication, such as cloud storage, online documents)

Digital Center is a think-and-do-tank working for social change and increase in civic engagement using potential of digital tools and cooperation models based on sharing resources and knowledge. It unites experts dealing with building of digital society in Poland. It is a place for discussion about its development and it will build actively its elements.

Aleksandra Janus – anthropologist, researcher, specialist in openness in cultural institutions in Digital Center, curator and co-author of the project Laboratorium muzeum. Together with the Digital Center team, she helps cultural institutions to use the potential of technology through implementing new, open models of sharing resources. She carries out research into audience of cultural institution, she specializes in examining experience of visitors in museums. She cooperates with institutions that look for effective ways of engaging audience.

Kamil Śliwowski – initiator and instructor of media education, chairman of the Coalition for Open Education, engaged in project Creative Commons Poland, co-worker of Panoptykon foundation. He lectures at University of Social Sciences and Humanities. After work he runs his blog about open resources online