audiovisual night

11.10.2013 (Friday) @Forum Przestrzenie

/ 22.00 / AV live:: Exosphere in. Entalpia. VJ Emiko
/ 22.30 / AV live :: Im2
/ 23.30 / AV live :: P. KIRN with DR. MO
/ 00.30 / DJ/VJ :: Sergio Omnidrive + Carlotta Piccinini
/2.30 – end/ DJ/VJ : Chrono Bross + Bordos.Art.Works [Hungary] , VJ Shado [Germany], Rodrigo Guzman Cazares aka Abduct [Mexico] ,Anne Gentenaar aka VJ Illuminator [Netherlands]
P. KIRN with DR. MO

P. Kirn plays experimental dance music live with a combination of hardware and software, for an abstract and cinematic techno-influenced solo soundscape. Drawing from a Classical background but heavily influenced by the dance music (and now also part of a collaboration with techno veteran NERK), his work is diverse and improvisatory. Joined by Dr. Mo, that journey is accompanied by dizzying video accompaniment across hyperreal terrains.

Exosphere in. Entalpia by VJ Emiko – ” videopoetry a/v project, oscillates around something unprecised, undefined.
Humans feel the lack of space, oxygen, time, sense of being and have a problem with identity.
We arelocated somewhere in/between. Only Entalpia – the life energy – allows us keep this balance.

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