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Adrien M & Claire B | Théâtre de Châtillon [FR]

13.10 Thursday | 20:00
Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
20 zł | Tickets available at and before the spectacle | Limited places

Spectacular choreographic performance, symbiosis of digital technology with theatre, that unfolds through a series of images in motion. In Japanese Hakanaï denotes that which is temporary and fragile, evanescent and transient, and in this case something set between dreams and reality. While widely associated with nature, the term is now often used to elicit an intangible aspect of the human condition and its precariousness. It encompasses two elements: that concerning the human being as well as that related to dreams. This symbolic relationship is the foundation of the dance composition in which a dancer gives life to a space somewhere between the borders of imagination and reality, through her interactions with the images she encounters. The images are on-stage animations that move in physical patterns according to the rhythm of the live sounds that they follow. The performance’s outcome is the revelation of a digital installation to its audience.

The premiere of the performance was in 2015 at BAM’s Fishman Theatre in NY. At Patchlab 2016 it will be presented first time in Poland.
Project in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz Institute under the mark of CULTURE.PL.

The authors – Adrien M / Claire B Company has been acting in the fields of the digital arts and performing arts since 2004. They create many forms of art, from stage performances to exhibitions combining real and virtual worlds with IT tools that were developed and customised specifically for them. They place the human body at the heart of technological and artistic challenges and adapt today’s technological tools to create a timeless poetry through a visual language based on playing and enjoyment, which breeds imagination. The projects are carried out by Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne. The company operates as a research and creativity workshop based out of Presqu’île in Lyon.

Adrien M & Claire B
Création 2013

Conception, artistic direction, scenography and stage setting: Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot
Computer design: Adrien Mondot
Dance : Akiko Kajihara, Virginie Barjonet, Satchie Noro, Francesca Ziviani alterning

Digital Interpretation: Jérémy Chartier, Loïs Drouglazet, Rodolphe Martin alterning
Sound Design: Christophe Sartori, Loïs Drouglazet
Sound Interpretation: Clément Aubry, Jérémy Chartier, Loïs Drouglazet, Christophe Sartori, Pierre Xucla alterning
Set Design and construction: Martin Gautron, Vincent Perreux
Digital Toolset: Loïs Drouglazet
Light Design: Jérémy Chartier
Outside Viewer: Charlotte Farcet
Costume : Johanna Elalouf
Technical Direction: Alexis Bergeron
Administration: Marek Vuiton
Production and booking: Charlotte Auché
Production: Margaux Fritsch, Delphine Teypaz

Adrien M & Claire B

Les Subsistances, Lyon
Centre Pompidou-Metz Accompagnement à la production et résidence de création,
Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée
Région Rhône-Alpes Fonds [SCAN]
Atelier Arts-Sciences, Grenoble
Les Champs Libres, Rennes
Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains
Co-financé dans le cadre du programme « Lille, Ville d’Arts du Futur » visant à développer les expérimentations mêlant arts et innovations technologiques
Accueil en résidence Centre de création et de production de la Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre (MCNN)
Micro Mondes, Lyon

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication DICRéAM

The Adrien M & Claire B Company is accredited by DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and is supported by the City of Lyon.

Photos © Romain Etienne