Anthony Rother[DE]

German composer of electronic music, based in Frankfurt, producer and founder
of ‘Psi49Net’ label. He’s a living legend, a true authority in the genre and the most important continuer of Kraftwerk group. He has been at the cutting edge of techno music for over 20 years. He released his first EP from the Psi Performer series in 1996, which was well-received, but in no way did it predict the huge success of his debut album ‘Sex With The Machines’ one year later.
The almost crystal clear sound was complemented by vokoder, which later became Rother’s signature. The album stunned experts of the genre and to this day is considered to be a milestone in electro, while Rother was branded a genius. His class and artistry were confirmed in 2000 when he released his next album ‘Simulationszeitalter’. Dark electro together with elements of techno, dehumanized vocal, gloom and melancholy interlacing in 8 have established him as one of the most inspiring electro artists. Later Rother did not slow down; in 2001 he recorded ‘Little Computer People’, which instantly became a hit. His next albums ‘Hacker’ and ‘Popkiller’ also turned out to be bestsellers and strengthened his position as an indisputable king of electro. In the meantime, he produced music lexicons and made remixes of songs by the biggest figures and stars. His famous live acts still attract huge crowds. He has
always focused on quality that other artists can only dream of and his music inspired a new generation of contemporary DJ’s and producers.


Technopolitics [AT]

Technopolitics is an independent, trans­disciplinary platform of artists, journalists, researchers, designers and developers who jointly develop innovative formats at the intersection of art, research, science, and pedagogy. Technopolitics was launched as an online discussion group by Armin Medosch and Brian Holmes in 2009. In 2011, it was set up in Vienna as a circle that regularly meets for lectures and discussions. Technopolitics also produces interdisciplinary conferences and artistic research projects internationally. An important common objective is the investigation of large-scale historical processes struc­tured by techno­economic paradigms from a critical, explorative standpoint. We use trans­disciplinary approaches to connect these processes to the cultural forms of the re­spective historical moment and place, including the participants’ own work. The Working Group: John Barker, writer | Sylvia Eckermann, artist | Doron Goldfarb, computer scientist | Armin Medosch, artist/curator/scholar | Gerald Nestler, artist, writer | Felix Stalder, sociologist, cultural theorist | Axel Stockburger, artist, researcher | Gerald Straub, applied cultural theorist, curator, artist | Matthias Tarasiewicz, digital artist, researcher | Thomas Thaler, science journalist | Sophie-Carolin Wagner, researcher | Ina Zwerger, science journalist, working at the Ö1 radio channel of the Austrian public broadcaster ORF. On Patchlab the group will be represented by Doron Goldfarb and Ina Zwerger.


Michał Jacaszek [PL]

Michał Jacaszek also known as Jacaszek is a Polish author and producer of electroacoustic music that combines electronically prepared sounds with acoustic instruments. Composer of soundtracks and theatre music. He is a co-curator of C3 Festival /Club Contemporary Classical/. Member of Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music. Lives in Gdansk, Poland. His work is a mix of electronic music and the sound of actual classical instruments. In 2014 he released an album in collaboration with Kwartludium titled ‘Catalogue des arbres” focusing on reinterpreting and mixing sounds of nature. Jacaszek often works with poets and contemporary new media artists. He also composes music for drama and films, including ‘Suicide room’ directed by Jan Komasa and Marc Silver’s “There is no others there is only us’. He has released four solo albums and performed at the most important music festivals in Poland and abroad, including Unsound New York, Mutek Canada.


NOHlab & NOS [TR],

NOHlab is a studio, created by Candaş Şişman and Deniz Kader in 2011, producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology; they build a bridge between the digital and physical reality while examining the relationship of technology with art and design. Their work has won various awards on events such as ARS Electronica and Japan Media Arts Festival. They also worked with brands and institutions among which are Chanel, Pink Floyd, Audi, Nike, IKSV and Scriabin museum. Together with Osman Koç, specialist of creative coding, they created NOS – a collaborative platform that aims a holistic perception for sound and visuals, by using a custom software which enables sound to directly affect the visuals, and becomes an instrument through the real-time manipulation capabilities that allows artistic interpretation.
Osman Koç is a creative technologist and artist, who uses technology as a medium for expression. Directed by his curiosities, Koç’s works touch many different fields such as cybernetics, artificial intelligence, biosensors, kinetic sculptures, reactive lighting, audiovisual performances and games with alternative physical controllers. In 2014, he co-founded Iskele47, a multidisciplinary design hub / makerspace in Istanbul, where he experimented, prototyped, taught, consulted, collaborated, made and played. Since 2017 he is continuing his activities in San Francisco, CA.


Vasen Piparjuuri[PL]

From the beginning of his stage career he has been associated with Warsaw Electronic Festival, Art and Technology Foundation and OssoPublisher. From one side he is fascinated by the emotional dimension of musical works, on the other hand its objective, formal structure. He creates a varied musical forms, between IDM styles, drill & click and experimental electronics. He played on many festivals, including WEF Events, The Placard Headphone Festival (Unsound session), WRO Media Art Biennale, Porous4 / The Sound Lab in China, CHoP 2016 in China.



XCEED is a new media art collective based in Hong Kong, focusing on digital art installation, spatial design and interactive performance. The name comes from transcending boundaries and beyond limitations. Their works has been showcased at various international art festivals, including Ars Electronica, FILE, 404, Kernel, Cynet, Microwave, Beijing Media Art Biennale, Seoul International
NewMedia, Lumen Prize and Madatac. Recent artworks have been selected and commissioned by Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. Latest collaborations work with art organisations include Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, ifva Festival, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Ballet and more.


Chris Cheung aka h0nh1m [HK]

The artistic practice of Chris Cheung (h0nh1m) reflects his beliefs in Chinese Philosophy and his works combine traditional and futuristic ideas. Inspired by the Zhuang Zhou, his earliest work ‘The happiness of fish’ presents his thoughts on objectivism and subjectivism verse the initiative of interactivity and the death of the author. He is always exploring new medium and finding aesthetic in technological intervention. His creations won him awards in the Reddot, TDC, GDC11, Design for Asia awards and New York Art Director Club Young Guns 11. He received the Young Artist Award from HKADC and the Young Design Talent Awards from HKDC in 2010 and 2011 respectively. He founded XEX / XCEED, the collective works have been showcased worldwide. In 2014, he is appointed as the Artistic Director and Curator of the 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale and in 2016, he was invited to be the guest speaker of Business of Design Week. Lately, the ‘RadianceScape’ project is selected in Ars Electronica Festival and he will perform live version in the 1st Sónar Festival Hong Kong.


Kwankai [HK]

New media artist and designer mostly working on computer vision, generative art and interaction design. He received a B.Sc. in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong and H.D. in Multimedia Design from Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, where he specialises in design and
computer science that allows him to get acquainted with the newest forms of creation and communication. Currently based in Hong Kong, he works at XEX as Interactive Art Director and joined XCEED in 2012. He has years of programming experience using a variety of programming languages, and is recently working with openFrameworks and Unity3D for generating visuals with sensor integration. He has presented his work at numerous festivals and events internationally, including but not limited to FILE Electronic Language International Festival (S’o Paulo, Brazil), MADATAC International Festival of Contemporary Audio-visual & New Media Art (Madrid, Spain) and Microwave International New Media Art Festival (Hong Kong).


Nikolas Maigret [FR]

Nicolas exposes the internal workings of media, through an exploration of their dysfunctions, limitations or failure thresholds which he develops into sensory and immersive audio visual experiences. As a curator he initiated the Disnovation Research Group which conducts a series of deviant strategies and symbolic activities facing the ongoing propaganda of technological innovation. He teaches at Parsons Paris and co-founded the Art of Failure collective in 2006. With Maria Roszkowska he co-edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy.
His work has been presented in international exhibitions and festivals: Transmediale (Berlin), Museum of Art and Design (New York), File (Sao Paulo), 30th Chaos Communication Congress (Hamburg), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Elektra (Montréal), China Museum of Digital Arts (Beijing), Polytechnic Museum (Moscow), North-West Film Forum (Seattle), School of the Art Institute (Chicago), The Pirate Bay 10th Anniversary (Stockholm), Eastern Bloc (Montreal).


Maria Roszkowska [PL/FR]

Maria Roszkowska is a Polish graphic designer based in Paris. She has been associate researcher at EnsadLab Paris. Between 2010 and 2014 she joined Intégral Ruedi Baur, a cultural graphic design studio in France. In 2013, she designed and coordinated Don’t Brand My Public Space! for Lars Müller Publishers, a 3 years research on the issue of cities applying branding strategies. She’s the editor of a second book about the copy culture The Pirate Book, presented at transmediale in Berlin among others.


Lien-cheng Wang [TW]

Lien-Cheng Wang is a new media artist, open source education collaborator and audiovisual performer, residences at Taipei, Taiwan. His artistic and research involve with interactive devices and real-time sound performance. He uses open source to create installation art piece and audio-visual real-time performance. The works are committed to seamless combination of images and sounds created by computer algorithm as well as human perception with universe and nature. He often utilises a volume of installed approach to achieve a unique physical perception. His works have been exhibited and performed at Ars Electronica (Austria), New Technological Art Award (Belgium), Les Journées GRAME (France), MADATAC (Spain), Digital Art Festival Taipei (Taiwan), among others.


Lola and Yukao Meet [DK/FR]

Lola and Yukao Meet (LYM) is a duo of European artists, who explores the association of free hand drawing through interactive digital graphics with augmented electric cello and urban and organic soundscapes. Ambitious, beautiful and inspirational, LYM performance opens the way to a new approach for live digital graphics where the graphic artist can combine imaginative graphical expression with instrumental music performance. Lola Ajima’s soundscapes build on urban or industrial sounds and transform them into calm and intimate sound layers. Her loops and voice sculpt melodies about birth, loss, fear, tenderness, and sadness. The emotive graphics of Yukao Nagemi reflect a world of fantasies, dreams, and inner visions. Enhanced by particles and generative effects, they reach a level of abstraction that opens to the onlooker’s own imaginary.


Jerry Galle [BE]

Jerry Galle’s work is all about the sometimes difficult relationship between digital technology and contemporary culture. He uses recent software and digital imagery in an unconventional way and stresses the role of technology in our daily life and artistic creation. His work explores the way how technological images and texts can produce new meaning. For Galle these ‘techno-texts’ and ‘techno-images’ can be geometrical or symbolic, playful or dead serious. Digital doubt plays an important role in his work. He encounters this theme by the binary structure of the computer, meaning the 0 and the 1, the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ of our contemporary technology. In a society where doubt is considered to be an unproductive quality, technology with its compulsive efficiency, has a pervasive effect on our social behaviour. But when digital doubt is injected into a computer system, strange things happen.
Recently Galle explores the use of language that is co-created with artificially intelligent algorithms. The
mediation of the world through ever circulating and replicating texts that are both bot and human generated, have had a dramatic impact on conceptions of politics, culture, economics and language itself. His work has been shown in Muhka, Bozar, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, British Film Institute, Wiels, International Film Festival Rotterdam, EMAF, International Film Festival Hamburg, Museum Dr. Guislain, Ars Electronica among others.
Jerry Galle is affiliated to KASK School of Arts University College Ghent as artistic researcher.


Boris Chimp 504 [PT]

Miguel Neto aka mEEkAlnUt (audio) and Rodrigo Carvalho aka Visiophone(visuals) – two creators from Portugal who emphasize audio synthesis and graphical languages in a futuristic Sci-Fi aesthetics. Neto is a musician and new media artist living in Faro; he has a degree in Psychological Sciences, studied Studio Recording, Advanced Music Production and a Digital Arts Master. Nowadays he is interested in creating musical interactive interfaces and exploring new musical languages, using computers and the new digital technologies. Carvalho, is a multidisciplinary designer & new media artist currently living in Porto. Graduated in Design and with a Digital Arts Master he is nowadays a PhD student in Digital Media in the University of Porto under the UT Austin/Portugal Program. He is very interested in the crossings between arts and technology, and the synergies between sound, movement and image. Boris Chimp 504 have been presenting both AV performance & interactive installations on festivals such as Mira, Sonar and Mutek in Barcelona and Santiago de Chile, Paris & Milan Fashion Weeks, ADAF in Athens, BAM Liege, among many others.


Pandelis Diamantides [CY/NL]

Pandelis Diamantides is a sound and visual artist based in Amsterdam.
In his music productions and audiovisual performances, he uses custom digital technology to create complex binary landscapes, where detailed sound
compositions and electronic rhythms are enhanced by multifaceted visuals providing a true immersive experience. He performs solo under the pseudonym Microseq. Through a series of collaborations with, among others, creative technologist Emmanuel Flores Elias, choreographer Lia Haraki and installation artists Matthias Oostrik he has composed and performed work for contemporary dance, theatre and interactive installations. In recent years, his work is presented at international festivals and venues including TodaysArt Festival[NL], FIBER Festival[NL], Amsterdam Dance Event[NL], Stedelijk Museum[NL], Bozar Museum[BE], Mirage Festival[FR], Venice Biennale[IT], The Vortex[UK], South By Southwest Festival [USA], Leeds Digital Arts Festival (Lumen Prize)[UK], Athens Digital Arts Festival[GR], Kalamata International Dance Festival[GR], Loop Festival[CY] and ISFFC Festival [CY].


Ali Panahi aka Ali Phi [IR]

New media artist, musician based in Tehran. He is a founder of Nullsight studio and elemaun audio-visual collective, that performed at Patchlab 2016. Since 2009 cooperating with Mohsen Gallery in the capital of Iran creating new grounds in Iran’s digital arts scene. In his works he uses new technologies with focus on Iranian motifs and eastern philosophy. In 2016 he performed at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz.


Viktor Vicsek [HU]

Viktor Vicsek ‘ light artist from Budapest, master of interaction. Between 2006 and 2011 led the team of Computer Since and Control at the Hungarian Academy of Science, from 2014 professor at the University of Applied Arts in Budapest. Co-founder of the project group Limelight, which exists already 11 years. In his works he focuses on architectural aspects of illumination, 3D projection creating stunning light installations. His works wre presented among others at Amsterdam Light Art Festival, Bella SkyWay Light or Sharjah Light Festival at UAE.


Aleksander Janicki [PL]

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He is the creator of numerous multimedia installations, artistic and paratheatrical action, author and director scenery outdoor performances, where the applied technology mapping, 3D projections of large and interactive generative structures. He is the author of borderline experimental films and video installations and interactive projection generated in real time (including ‘Haiku’ in 2011 at the International Festival of Audio Art, the Museum of Modern Art MOCAK,). At the invitation of Andrzej Wajda has designed a multimedia exhibition about the history of the People’s Republic ‘ SocLand in Nowa Huta (2001) and an exhibition on the occasion of the visit of the Emperor of Japan in Krakow ‘ Hiroshige multimedia CSiTJ Manggha (2002). He has participated in numerous international presentations of Polish art. He was co-author, in collaboration with Krzysztof Ingarden, Polish Pavilion at the EXPO 2005 where he also presented his semi-active installation Echo. His work has been shown at festivals : Musica Polonica Nova, Ad Libitum, Warsaw Autumn, the WRO. He is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the department of scenography / Set design and new media /. Currently implements pioneering project meta-film-based Internet Dziga Vertov structure of the film ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ in 1929 and the exhibition as part of Tatsuno Art Project in 2014 in Japan.



APNOA is an audiovisual collaboration, founded by Sebastian Drack and Tobias Feldmeier in 2013. The artists aim for forward-thinking ideas and strategies in practice and theory, in order to provide immersive multi-sensory experiences and narratives, presented as audiovisual performances, installations and multimedia productions. Their works are settled in the field of performative interaction and seek for an ambiguous character generating synesthetic correlations within the act-theoretical semantics and immediate, aesthetic perception.


random quark [GR/UK]

London based creative technology company founded by Tom Chambers and Theodoros Papatheodorou that specialises in interactive installations including large scale projections, augmented reality, physical computing and the web. We design and develop experiences that combine the real with the virtual.


Hang Do Thi Duc[JP/DE]

Hang Do Thi Duc is a designer and an engineer whose artistic work deals with the influence of (social) media with its data-driven technologies on our society. As a German Fulbright and a DAAD scholar Hang holds a MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons, New York City.


Francesco Fabris [IT]

Sound artist, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. He works with live electronics, interactive installations, AV performances, video works and recording studio productions. In his personal works he combines concrete & organic elements with electronic & digital processing and generative or pre-edited visual contents. Being into astronomy and biological science, space and nature are recurrent themes in his projects. He owns a B.A. (with highest distinction) in Electronic Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto (IT); he studied at the Academy of Music, Intermedia Art Department and SME Studio of Electroacoustic Music in Krakow (PL) and graduated in Contemporary Writing and Production at CPM Institute in Milan. He works as producer, arranger, sound engineer, mixer, musician and live programmer with various artists in his private studio and in other facilities around Italy and Europe. He has performed with various projects in clubs, festivals, events, galleries and theatres across Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Russia, India, Poland, Uk, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Lebanon and Czech Republic.


Unstable Routine [PL]

Krakow based artist and music producer, whose music is widely ranged, from minimalistic industrial techno, electro, through melodic synthpop, to contemporary noiz collages and IDM. He released 3 long play records, EPs, and SPs in contemporary music labels: AudioTONG, By’em Kobiet’, AU.DIOM.AT, Silk Mother. He co-worked and remixed tracks for many experimental and pop artist (The Complainer and The Complainters, KAMP!, I Love 69 Popgejů, Kubaterra). His live sets could’ve been heard in Berlin [avit ‘ licence to screen festival], Warsaw [free form festival], Katowice [INQbator club], Rome [lpm festival], Krakow [krakow theatrical reminiscences]. Beside standard music production, he took part in many A/V installations, theatre related projects, and sound art activities (Vienna [contemporary art museum], Yokohama [red brick warehouse gallery], Warsaw [zacheta gallery ‘ contemporary art gallery], Wroclaw [biennale wro], Gdans [narracje festival], Krakow [bunkier sztuki ‘ contemporary art gallery]). Since 2009 he has been the sound engineer in chief, of the Krakows Opera, where he is working with leading conductors, musicians and directors.


Ari Dykier [PL]

Visual artist, professionally filmmaker with passion for animation. After taking part in Live
Performers Meeting in Cape Town in 2013 he develops his career, performs at LPM 2015 in Rome, LPM 2017 in Amsterdam or Visual Brasil in Barcelona. Currently he works on a project in collaboration with polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori. His work refers to tradition of surrealism, animation, paintings or literature as well as memories of dreams. Performances are oneiric trip in time with accompany of music.


Swen Seyerlen aka VJ R:A:U:L:

shows his ‘sound reactive’ performances, programming and installation talent for over 12 years as VJ R:A:U:L: at various clubs, festivals and events. He experienced visual heydays in clubs such as SUITE212, CINE COLIBRI or Rocker 33 in Stuttgart. His one-man VJ show stayed in Cologne, Hamburg, Mannheim, Berlin, or even for a whole week on the CAMP.DESERTVIEW.2005 and 2006 in Morocco. Having grown up with different music tastes, he is open to almost any music genres. As a VJ he combines his passion for music with his creativity, design and art style. He has visualized top-class live bands (MADCON, Zascha Moktan, THE BLISS, YE: SOLAR) as well as DJs like CARL CRAIG, Paul Kalkbrenner, Etienne De Crecy, RAINER TRÜBY, FAUNA FLASH, INVERSE CINEMATICS, VIENNA SCIENTISTS, DUBLEX INC., PHATS & SMALL).VJ R:A:U:L: has found its own visual style, by mixing videos, 3D animations, graphics, sound reactive programming and its rousing live performance to unique light shows which he describes as ‘ONBEAT VISUALS’ or ‘OPTICAL LSD.’ Currently, he works with a self-patched VJ tool in vvvv, establishes LICHTINSTALLATIONEN.COM as a new media agency specialized in projection mapping and modern LED light programming or organizes as a director and VJ pioneer the Mannheim based B-Seite festival. The goal is always to unite the event, the audience and the DJs with the most modern means of Club Lighting ‘ the VISUALS. And it works ‘ at small clubs and large dance floors.

lászló zsolt bordos [hu]

3d graphic, visual artist living in Budapest, Hungary. He started as a VJ, performing in the underground party culture of Budapest, since year 2000. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and at MediaLab UIAH (University of Art and Design) in Helsinki. With the time his artist name became a famous company: Bordos.ArtWorks ‘ which created the first, high resolution 3d animations for high resolution indoor- and outdoor projections in Hungary. With his early 3d-vjing (2000-2004), outrageous video projections (2005-2006) and with his first video mapping project made at Heavent Paris (2007), he belongs to the first generation of video mapping artists. Since 2006 he is working on experimental and high resolution panoramic video mapping projections, together with his main partner Ivó Kovács ‘ and year by year he invited more and more artists into his projects. Since year 2010 he is running the projects under the name: Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists. Today, Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists are internationally recognized as eminent representatives of video projection mapping.