AV Night

Forum Przestrzenie

A review of selected international AV performances during a special AV Night with projections at Forum Przestrzenie with an ambitious electronic music and live visuals.



Christophe Tostain [FR]

Exogenous is a multimedia concert that is visual, sound and poetic. The images were made with the invaluable collaboration of dancer and choreographer Laura Simi Dance Company Silenda. The visual world Exogenous consists of “images-movement” often monochrome, dusty, nervous and mental, played by Kostik Animal as a musical instrument. Exogenous music grows by accumulation of groundwater and saturated rhythms. During the set, Kostik Animal accompanies the images and sound through poetic interventions written and / or improvised. The visual development set delivers gradually subjective narrative underlying the opposing images of a body that wakes up the memory in tatters, struggling with his psyche. It’s a strange psychic exploration. Exogenous raises an immersive and exciting voltage to the spectator’s imagination.




Andrea Familiari Fax [IT/DE], Giuseppe Bifulco aka DROP [IT/DE]

An audio/video performance between DROP (24 sound designer) and Andrea Familari (25 visual designer). The performance investigates on the empty set (ø), the unique part of the whole that contains no elements, through the most possible abstraction and reduction of both visual and sound objects involved. It’s a journey where all the driving existing forces run out from themselves to become nothing, a rarefied ensemble shaped just by microsound, gitch and convulsion rhythms. The performance was developed and produced by the Records Label Arboretum, a cooperative platform for Audio/Video experiments.

DJ/VJ sets:

Steffen Bennemann [DE]
DJ Olivia [PL]
DJ Matik Automatik [PL]
VJ Daan Kars aka DKRN [NL]
VJ Andrea Familiari Fax [IT/DE]
VJ László Zsolt Bordos [HU]
VJ Abduct [MEX]

media lab


Media Labs (workshops) with the main focus on new media, digital culture and technology is a way of learning and working in which collaboration and experimentation plays a crucial role. During the media labs, artists and lecturers are going to introduce to the participants the possibilities offered by multimedia tools emerging outside the main trends, which doesn’t require professional background.

1// Creative coding – introduction to Touch Designer Daan Kars, Daan van Hasselt

In this workshop participant got to know the basics of TouchDesigner, a visual programming environment especially suited for multimedia. At first they took a look at the interface and the different nodes being used in TouchDesigner. There was an explanation of the differences between CHOP, SOP, DAT, MAT and TOP and how to use them. After exploring the interface it was presented with a number of examples showing off the strengths of TouchDesigner. These examples came from a range of topics such as modeling, rendering and interaction. Finally they worked with TouchDesigner yourself to generate images which we will view using a variety of external hardware such as lasers and projectors.

2// Become a VJ – secrets of editing audiovisual footage in Resolume Arena and Modul8 Andrea Fax Familari

3// Light Based Lifeforms Roy Abduct

Light based lifeforms project aim to link the physical and digital worlds that demands emotional interaction of the spectator and establishes an illusion of an intelligent life.

This Workshop focuses on the development of interactive animations creating an experience of a living worlds that responds to the human contact. Interaction with the animation creates an impresion of communication
with the artificial living environment. The “Light based life forms” workshop is designed for illustrators and visual artist as a space for collaboration to mix any illustration technique with programming to create their own behaviour patterns and concepts for light based lifeforms.

Program content
Installation And Configuration Interface & Toolkit Usage Drawing, Illustration & Animation.Interactivity (devices, Animation behavior) Mapping Projection Techniques

Computer with Windows Installed 
Pc: Windows 7 or 8 installed
Mac: Windows 7 Installed (Boot Camp only) 

Practical Introduction to:
3D Graphics Realtime Rendering Engine
Interactive Motion Graphics
Projection Mapping Techniques 
Computer vision Interaction



PATCHlab GENERATOR: Between Creation and Technology

Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology ul. Konopnickiej 26

10.10.2014 opening: 11:00 The international conference PATCHlab GENERATOR: Between creation and technology, was organized in collaboration with the Department of Interior Design at the the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, which was a forum for exchanging ideas between researchers, artists and designers. Our attention was focused on the current state of research on new phenomena occurring in art and design in the post-digital era. The conference was dedicated to wide range of forms of creation in visual arts and design. Introduction: Today, technology offers solutions that open up new creative spaces, thereby shortening the distance between art and science. The world of creation and design comes in close interaction with the world of science by using scientific research. Both art and science uses the possibilities offered by the programming and coding, abandoning borders of these separated disciplines so far, artistic practice and design are increasingly based on cooperation of scientists and artists in one team. Advanced technology is used to create innovative ways of expression – formal, aesthetic and utility forms, builds a new quality of communication and in consequence redefines contemporary culture which is often named by the researchers as the era of intelligent machines. The conference is concluded with the scientific publication in publishing house of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Patchlab GENERATOR lectures:

The book deformation Andrzej Głowacki – artist, designer and lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow | Poland

The People´s Smart Sculpture – Participatory Art in European Spaces Martin Koplin – researcher of new technologies at Institut für angewandte Medienforschung, Bremen Hochschule | Germany

Return to the Deep Space Paweł Janicki – multimedia artist, WRO Art Center | Poland

Posssibilities of using game engines in artistic creation and design and as a platform for distance education – based on selected contemporary applications and the environment of Aheilos Andreas Guskos – designer and lecturer at Academy of Art in Szczecin | Poland

The influence of new technologies on the interior design Bartosz Jakubicki – space and interior designer, lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw | Poland

Technologies used for the art of video mapping as the initial idea was Technology and Art László Zsolt Bordos – 3D motion graphic designer, mapping artist | Hungary

Praise of ambiguity – art and technology Aleksander Janicki – multimedia artist, lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, founder of HiQ formation and Galerii i! | Poland

Number, color, sound Jan Głowacki – PhD student of Cultural Studies at Jesuit Ignatianum University | Poland

Presentation of LPM Project. Presentation of AV Node Project Gianluca Del Gobbo – a curator of multimedia and perfomative activities | Italy



Silver Moon, Blue Planet, Blue Note

Paweł Janicki [PL]

Silver Moon, Blue Planet, Blue Note is a work existing in dual form: as a performance and interactive installation. As an interactive installation it’s a specific instrument, enabling the use of data from video cameras installed in the ISS (International Space Station) as a source for converting to sound. In other words, the audience can control how the data collected from the ISS are converted into the structure of sounds and music.Silver Moon, Blue Planet, Blue Note is based on live video and data feeds from ISS and other satellite sources. Captured data are processed in real time to an audio-visual environment. The premiere presentation of the work (as a performance) took place at the opening of the exhibition “On the Silver Globe”: Media Installations from the International Collection of the WRO Biennale at Kunsthal Aarhus.The work is – taking into account the technology and some ideas – a descendant of the Ping Melody: a series of my earlier works based on scanning and sonification of the dataflow in communication networks (mostly Internet) and interaction with a musician playing an acoustic instrument. But, unlike his ancestor, Silver Moon, Blue Planet, Blue Note is a farewell to the area of info-space and back into the physical space perceived from modern perspective and scale.Why do I say about returning to the physical space? This performance is also inspired by the correlation between an increase in interest (from the perspective of digital arts) in info-space created by information networks and abandoning dreams of outer – deep – space. This failure of imagination now seems to be transformed into another return – or at least a thought about returning – to the stars.

littleBoxesLittle Boxes

Bego Santiago [ES/DE], Pavel Karafiat [CZ], Andrej Bolesvasky [CZ]

An interactive installation bringing to mind the suburban predicament of pre-packaged people who are all the same and never step outside of their bubbles. Different people are projected onto boxes as visualized by artist Bego M. Santiago, and even though they are all individuals who can move around on their own, they behave with a united mindset, always following the crowd. An added element is the interaction between the artwork and the viewer. When someone approaches the little boxes, the projected people stare at timidly, and as the viewer walks past, the people start screaming and running away, deathly afraid of anything outside their comfort zones.

Lichdichters1Digital Enclosure

Daan Kars [NL], Daan von Hassel [NL]

Today we live in a world of Big Data. Tracking our behavior and actions takes place on a daily basis. Usually, we don’t realize that data (digital footprints) left behind on digital devices are being collected. In the interactive installation ‘Digital Enclosure’ the authors translate this virtual process into a physical experience of an active system, which locates human presence and interlocks it into its data base.

SecondStrokeSecond Stroke

Jakub Hader [PL], Patrycja Ochała [PL],  Radosław Rudnicki [PL]

An interactive installation based on mapping technique, creating the possibility of manipulating the picture’s sounds and texture by simply moving your hands.

archetypuraArchetypture Magical Reality

Andrzej Głowacki [PL], Marika Ika Wato [PL]

The Archetypture of Magical Reality is the third part of an extraordinary Archetypture Book Series* by Andy Glowacki. It is a creative book app composed of words, images, and animations that – in addition to some ambitious poetic prose – offer you a great reading adventure that can be controlled by “rolling the dice”. Navigate through the book and engage yourself in the interplay between words, images, and movies. Start reading anew to immerse yourself in the randomized content that will bring you toward new visual configurations as you roll the dice. Enter the next phase of the challenge by simply shaking your mobile device. Add bookmarks to your favorite content to create a personal version of the book.

SpidronBlack Garden – interactive installation site-specific

Aleksander Janicki [PL] & Maria Anna Janicka[PL] / Sound Face

This installation is a kind of instrument. An essential element of the composition is the artificial black ivy – realistic imitation of plants. Creeper contrasts with the minimalist interior space of the Pavilion Wyspiańskiego. The appearance of the viewer activates the installation. Movement viewer-participant generates a random set of specially designed sound. The composition is emitted from eight speakers. Specially written program / in Max MSP / randomly selects another sound from the set of 120 samples (samples and sound previously recorded by the composer). Sounds emitted in the installation are both real nature and composed /digital music/, resembling the sounds of cicadas, birds, animals but which quotes the wording of the city or industrial space. Some of them are the result of field work / sounds of the city, industrial, natural / but they are subjected to electronic processing. Other sounds are micro-electronic music compositions. The lottery software option can also be “no sound” – silence. The effect of moving the viewer is thus a musical composition with a unique “melodic line”. Programming – Piotr Madej






Paweł Janicki [PL]


Independent media artist and producer working with generative music, microsound and algorithmic composition, interactive systems for performances and installations, and his own constantly developed hard- and software.


Steffen Bennemann [DE]


DJ and producer from Leipzig, Germany. Co-runs the record label Holger and the festival Nachtdigital as musical curator.


Daan Kars aka DKRN [NL]


Visual artist with a background in anthropology, always been exploring new means of storytelling techniques. Combining visual aesthetics, storytelling and spatial design has led to a wide scope of works in the relm of vj-culture, installation art, film and spacial design. Whether its an installation, spacial design or performance all are subject to space and time. This interrest has been the main motivation for most works. It led to developing a perspective and skills in real-time media and lots of custom software. One of those fascinations is that we are subject to nature but yet live in an artificial place created by humans. How do we relate to that new space? Or how do we relate to ourselves, our dreams and inner space? Besides his own work, he has been active in different collectives as the belief is that together you can create more. He has been a co-founder of the Lichtdichters, MAU and a member of Born Digital team.


Bego Santiago [E/DE]


Visual artist creating installation, VideoArt, LiveCinema, writing books, photos, art direction and some interactive stuff. His work study the feedback between reality and representation. Understanding the “real” as individual and collective construction. He is interested in the binding sites between binomials as: real – fake, presence – absence, original and copy. Looking for those interstice that exist between them. Understanding interstice as a small space between two bodies. A meeting point between opposites. A moment where the terms are confused, and for a time both become brittle, light, weightless.


Kostik Animal [FR]


Playwright, director and videographer. His plays, five of which are published in France, are always a limit-attempt language; between playwriting and poetry. Meanwhile, in recent years he developed a personal project that combines electronic music, video and new technologies, which allows him to explore other poetic fields with new audiovisual instruments. His music and visual work approach the Live Cinema esthetic, which according to him, gives the best way to express the meanings during the performance process. He performed several times during the evenings Café Concrete Plymouth (UK), Live Performer Meeting in Belarus and Netherlands, RL and Dimanche Rouge in Paris.


Pavel Karafiat [CZ]


Multi-disciplinary media creator from Czech Republic. He fills the gap between computation, interaction and aesthetic. He uses vvvv developing platform for creating generative graphics, interactive installations and video projections. He got master from faculty of applied science in Pilsen. He is part of Lunchmeat visual label, one of front-end visuals group in Czech Republic.


László Zsolt Bordos [HU]


3d graphic, visual artist living in Budapest, Hungary. He started as a VJ, performing in the underground party culture of Budapest, since year 2000. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and at MediaLab UIAH (University of Art and Design) in Helsinki. With the time his artist name became a famous company: Bordos.ArtWorks – which created the first, high resolution 3d animations for high resolution indoor- and outdoor projections in Hungary. With his early 3d-vjing (2000-2004), outrageous video projections (2005-2006) and with his first video mapping project made at Heavent Paris (2007), he belongs to the first generation of video mapping artists. Since 2006 he is working on experimental and high resolution panoramic video mapping projections, together with his main partner Ivó Kovács – and year by year he invited more and more artists into his projects. Since year 2010 he is running the projects under the name: Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists. Today, Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists are internationally recognized as eminent representatives of video projection mapping.


Daan van Hasselt [NL]


Daan van Hasselt [NL] is a creative programmer, visual artist and educator, passionate about writing software for live audiovisual performances, multi­media installations and generative artworks. Working with tools like openFrameworks, Processing, Arduino and TouchDesigner, he is able to express himself through code. As a freelance developer he gained extensive experience in developing both commercial and artistic applications.


Andrea Familari Fax [IT]


Interactive programmer and video artist, also interested in photography, live video performances, and interactive art. His current work focuses on lighting, projections, displays and art projects that draw on my experience in computer vision and my interest in lens based media.


Andrzej Głowacki [PL]


Visual artist, graphic and app designer, interior designer, academic teacher, editor-in-chief of CyberEmpathy – Visual and Media Studies Academic Journal. He is a mentor of App Design Scientific Club created under patronage of Microsoft at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Theoretical physics is his great passion and influences his artistic activities. He often compares it with mystical knowledge of old cultures. According to the needs of the future he teaches transhumanistic ideas and designing for cyberspace.


Rodrigo Guzmán Cázares aka ABDX [MEX]


Visual artist connected with the experimental audiovisual scene, influenced by street art and digital aesthetics, his work focuses on the re-envisioning of modern life and time perception. He specializes in the fields of data visualization, 2 and 3D graphic design, sound sculpting, audiovisual performance and interactive graphic interface programming. The winner of Vj Torna Battle LPM Rome Italy in (2013) and VideoZone Competition in Jaworzno Poland (2013).


Marika Ika Wato [PL]


Visual artist, book, app and interior designer, creative director of CyberEmpathy – Visual and Media Studies Academic Journal. Design and Media Spaces are the subject of her researches which she carries out as a PhD student in the fields of design and cultural studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.


Giuseppe Bifulco aka DROP [IT]


Italian music artists, living in Berlin. He focuses on sounds investigation and experimentation, not that much in an aesthetic meaning, rather than in a perceptual and sensorial one, considering the sound as a bundle of informations that deal with psycho-acoustic and music therapy.


Patrycja Ochała [PL]


She works mainly with posters, linocut, and large forms. She graduated Faculty of Art UR with distinction of her works. Her projects were shown on many exhibitions including “Byt i Styl” in Lublin, “Temperatura ciała i pokojowa”, “Circle of Light Moscow International Festival 2013″ in Moscow, “Srebrny czworokąt” in Przemyśl, “Biennale WRO 2013″ Wrocław, “Kultura miejska”, “Plac sztuki” 2013 i 2014 in Rzeszów.


Jakub Hader [PL]


New media artist and founder of “Precyzja” group. He works in the field of generative art and video mapping, experimenting with various forms of new media. He is focused on generative programming environments and interactive installations. Member of Space F!ght A/V project (Ambassador of Jazz in the North of England 2013/14). He performed widely in Poland and abroad, including WRO 15 Media Art Biennale 2013, Circle of Light Moscow International Festival 2013, Magmart | international festival Italy 2013, Kernel Festival, Italy, 2012; Dublin 2011; University of York 2011/2013/2014. Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2014, UK Manchester Jazz Festiwal 2014 UK.


DJ Olivia


Is a great believer in vinyl and pushing truth through mixing. She’s been a key player in the Polish electronic music scene for 10 years, both solo and performing as the duo Chrono Bross, with her brother Kinzo Chrome. Olivia’s success has spread thanks to her idiosyncratic track selection and her excellent technical skills. Through the raw and dark edges of techno, the liquid feel of acid, the deep reaches of cosmic, the simplicity of electro and the warmth of house, her sets shine with originality and a strong belief in the sound she delivers. She has played throughout Poland, from festivals to club shows. Her most recent major festival was Unsound Festival and Nachdigital. Over the yeas Olivia has supported Legowelt, Blawan, Xosar, Nick Hoppner, Pantha Du Prince, Jacek Sienkiewicz and many others.


Radosław Rudnicki [PL/UK]


Sound artist, performer focused on using improvised material in multidisciplinary projects and audio visual installations. In 2008 Radoslaw has been shortlisted by SPNM (UK) as one of the most interesting emerging composers living in UK. He made pieces for theatre, film and game sound design. Radek holds PhD in Digital Composition from the University of York. His work is focused on multidisciplinary projects combining art and science. Radek performed and exposed his work in festivals and art galleries in Poland, UK, Italy, Ireland, France, Greece, Russia, Brazil, USA.


Maria Anna Janicka [PL]

Maria Anna Janicka is a classically trained musician principally playing the violin. She also operates within digital music as a composer and also curates soundscapes and sound installations. She gained a BA Hons in Digital Music and Sound Arts from the University of Brighton in 2008. ‘Cable – My Audio Experience’ (My Sound Experience) was a sound installation showcased at the Audio Art Festival in Krakow, 2008. The installation centres around three cities – Krakow, Brighton and London and characterizes the space of these cities via sound. It is the story of city identity and the installation was experienced through headphones in one location. It enabled users to experience the sound of three cities in one place. Janicka successfully graduated with an MA (Master of Arts) in Studio Composition at Goldsmith College in London in 2010. Shi is working with music : Music to the Theatre , Sound installations, Working in film as Assistant Sound Operator and making by her own as sound operator.


Aleksander Janicki [PL]

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko. He is the creator of numerous multimedia installations, artistic and paratheatrical action, author and director scenery outdoor performances, where the applied technology mapping, 3D projections of large and interactive generative structures. He is the author of borderline experimental films and video installations and interactive projection generated in real time (including “Haiku” in 2011 at the International Festival of Audio Art, the Museum of Modern Art MOCAK,). At the invitation of Andrzej Wajda has designed a multimedia exhibition about the history of the People’s Republic – SocLand in Nowa Huta (2001) and an exhibition on the occasion of the visit of the Emperor of Japan in Krakow – Hiroshige multimedia CSiTJ Manggha (2002). He has participated in numerous international presentations of Polish art. He was co-author, in collaboration with Krzysztof Ingarden, Polish Pavilion at the EXPO 2005 where he also presented his semi-active installation Echo. His work has been shown at festivals : Musica Polonica Nova, Ad Libitum, Warsaw Autumn, the WRO. He is a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the department of scenography / Set design and new media /. Currently implements pioneering project meta-film-based Internet Dziga Vertov structure of the film “Man with a Camera” in 1929 and the exhibition as part of Tatsuno Art Project in 2014 in Japan.




p a t c h: audio_visual_lab 2013 came to the end on Sunday 13th Oct officially, but in fact it lasted much longer as the emotions were very high after! During the second edition of p a t c h 2013 we hosted 26 artists from USA, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Hungary and Poland presenting 8 live-acts and performances, 12 audiovisual and interactive works and 7 av works from Open Call.

Over 2500 visitors of the exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki during 2 days, extraordinary audiovisual night at Forum Przestrzenie, great atmosphere and amazingly good feedback from participants and visitors is the best prize for us as organizers.

We would like to thank all the participants, partners, suppliers and visitors for their support, encouragement and commitment. PATCHlab would not happen without you!

Check the video and photos here !

See you on the 3rd edition of PATCHlab in Krakow in 2014!



audiovisual night

11.10.2013 (Friday) @Forum Przestrzenie

/ 22.00 / AV live:: Exosphere in. Entalpia. VJ Emiko
/ 22.30 / AV live :: Im2
/ 23.30 / AV live :: P. KIRN with DR. MO
/ 00.30 / DJ/VJ :: Sergio Omnidrive + Carlotta Piccinini
/2.30 – end/ DJ/VJ : Chrono Bross + Bordos.Art.Works [Hungary] , VJ Shado [Germany], Rodrigo Guzman Cazares aka Abduct [Mexico] ,Anne Gentenaar aka VJ Illuminator [Netherlands]
P. KIRN with DR. MO


P. Kirn plays experimental dance music live with a combination of hardware and software, for an abstract and cinematic techno-influenced solo soundscape. Drawing from a Classical background but heavily influenced by the dance music (and now also part of a collaboration with techno veteran NERK), his work is diverse and improvisatory. Joined by Dr. Mo, that journey is accompanied by dizzying video accompaniment across hyperreal terrains.

Exosphere in. Entalpia by VJ Emiko – ” videopoetry a/v project, oscillates around something unprecised, undefined.
Humans feel the lack of space, oxygen, time, sense of being and have a problem with identity.
We arelocated somewhere in/between. Only Entalpia – the life energy – allows us keep this balance.

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